Front loading washer – Cycle time is not correct


Does the displayed Estimated Time Remaining differ from real cycle time? Does the time displayed show one number for a long time? Does the number jump to zero?

During conditions of excessive suds or unbalanced load, the Estimated Time Remaining on your washer may differ from the actual cycle time. The Sensing indicator light will glow while the washer is revising the Estimated Time Remaining. The Estimated Time Remaining is based on: detergent type, size and type of load, cycle selection, and household water temperature and pressure. If excessive suds or an unbalanced load occurs, then the Estimated Time Remaining may stay at one value for a long period of time, or jump to zero at the end of the cycle. To avoid long cycle times due to additional rinsing caused by over-sudsing, always use only HE High Efficiency detergent.

NOTE: The panel shown above may be different than that of your model.

Is “Sud” or “Sd” displayed?  Do you see excessive suds in the window?

The display indicates too much suds, and the washer is not able to spin out water. When “Sud” or “Sd”  is displayed, the washer automatically extends the rinse time to remove the excess suds. During this time the washer pauses the tumbling and adds water for additional rinsing. This pause allows the bubbles in the suds to break. This pause and rinsing is necessary and may occur several times to eliminate the suds. If you see “Sud” or “Sd” with the Rinse status light on, the washer is in the process of removing suds. Let the cycle continue.  If you see “Sud” or “Sd” and the Done status light is on, the washer detected too many suds during the cycle and your load may not be fully rinsed or the water may not be fully removed. Always use only HE High Efficiency detergent to avoid this problem.

Does this occur with a single item or bulky item load?

Unbalanced load conditions are more likely to occur with a single or bulky item. Consider adding additional items to the load to aid in balancing the load. If an unbalanced load is detected, then the washer will make several attempts to redistribute the laundry load in the drum. This adds time to the cycle.

Are you using a cycle, temperature or option that heats the wash water?

If the Whitest Whites cycle, Heavy Duty cycle, Sanitize temperature, or Deep Clean option are selected, the heater in the washer may be turned on. The heating time depends on the incoming water temperatures, load size and type. The Estimated Time Remaining does not adjust for the conditions listed above, so the actual time required may be shorter or longer than that displayed.

Are you washing a large load in a Delicate, Wool, Silk, Hand Washables or Quick Wash cycle?

When using the Delicate, Wool, Silk, Hand Washables or Quick Wash (on some models) cycles, wash small loads to provide your garments with a gentle wash without increasing cycle time. If larger loads are washed in these cycles, wash time will increase.


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